ROMAN NATIONAL (National Narrative)

A film by Grégoire Beil

A kaleidoscope of identities revealed by the Periscope app, a social network based on a live-streaming video by individual users with whom it is possible to interact via chat. Based completely on a selection of users' videos, Roman National entrust to the editing the possible re-construction of the fragmented French identity: what does represent to the eyes of Millenials the Tour Eiffel under the fireworks of the the 14th of July day? What happens online, when, between crooked conversations overflooded by Emoticons, the horror of the Nice's attack burst in? In the eternal present of an hyper-connected generation, traces of the past crack in, creating new definitions, new labels and new identities.



Cinéma Du Réel 

International Documentary Film Festival

Jury Special Mention



 Year: 2018
 Production Countries: France
 Runtime: 65 min
 Original Language: French, English
 Subtitles: English


 Director: Grégoire Beil
 Editing: Grégoire Beil, Ermanno Corrado
 Producers: Neïl Beloufa, Hugo Jeuffrault, Sonia Battarel
 Production: Bad Manners




Grégoire Beil was born in 1981, in Paris, St-Michel. He graduated from La Femis and Les Beaux Arts de Paris. He lives and works in Paris. Roman National is his first film.


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