A film by Lucia Chiarla

The Chair's Games is a game in which you need luck: you need to be in the right place at the right time – otherwise you won’t get a chair.

Alice, 39 years old, single and unemployed can no longer win at this silly game. The unemployment office keeps sending her to job application trainings. Yet, Alice knows they won’t lead her to stop waiting in line.

Hence, one morning she decides to not finish one of them. Her unemployment benefits are then reduced, and money gets tight. Her parents and friends have no idea of the kind of chaos in which Alice finds herself, since, she is a proficient liar. Her persistent search to be socially accepted cannot prevent her from getting lonelier and lonelier. She keeps herself stubbornly afloat with gas vouchers, which she gets for participating to market research, and tries to once again take control of her tattered life.

Nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role


Year: 2018
Production Countries: Germany
Runtime: 118 min
Original Language: German
Subtitles: English








Script: Lucia Chiarla
Editing: Aletta Von Vietinghof
Music: Tobias Vethake
Cinematography: Ralf Noack
Scenary: Ana Ticak
Wardrobe: Beatrice Paola Ruffini
Make-Up: Isuzu Sekiguchi
Casting: Maru S. Horning
Original Soundtrack: Dmitriy Petrovski – Rico Prauss
Mix: Thomas Chousos
Producers: Giulio Baraldi, Lorenzo Baraldi And Claudine Castay (Kess Films)
Cast: Eva Löbau, Beniamino Brogi, Veronika Novak-Jones, Axel Werner


Lucia Chiarla was born in Genoa and took acting classes at the Performing Arts School “Paolo Grassi” in Milan. She also studied literature in the  University of Genoa. She worked in Italy as an actress in theatre and movies. In 2005, she moved to Berlin with her son. Her first movie “BYE BYE BERLUSCONI!” (Author and Actress) was shown in the 2006 Berlinale. She acted in theater productions in Berlin and attended the Skript Academy, as well as wrote scripts and worked as dramaturge. With the movie “Reise nach Jerusalem” (The Chairs Game) she debuts as a movie director.



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