A film by Olga Darfy

1991 the Soviet Union disappeared with the collapse of the country, some DJs turn towards the techno music and LSD, the capital starts to beat with a very different rthym. The directorOlga Darfy remembers her city Moscow, her youth and everyhting she lived during her 20s. Her friend Vanya Salmaksov one of the creator of the parties called GAGARIN PARTIES disappeared in 1998. The director decides then to tell about this dizzying time from fragments of experiencess interviewes, archives and memories asking herself and the people she meets in this journey: where is Vania? Where are all this intense emotions, the excitation, the romanticism? Where this time has gone?





Year: 2017
Production Countries: France, Russia
Runtime: 60 min
Original Language: Russian
Subtitles: English

Director: Olga Darfy
Producer: Rebecca Houzel, Pavel Lilienfeld, Karina Sineko
Production: Petit à Petit Production and Patriot Productions
Script: Olga Darfy
Cinematography: Artyom Dzharayan
Editor: César Diaz, Konstantin Larionov, Paul Ragozinsky
Sound Design: Amélie Canini, Evgeny Pankratov

Sergei Bugaev Afrika – Olga Darfy
Kirill Frolov – Oleg Kulik
Ivan Salmaksov – Igor Shulinsky – Mikhaïl Vorontsov



Olga Darfy was born in 1969, now lives in Moscow where she make documentaries and fictions, and works as a director in Theatre Doc, one of Moscow's independent stages.
She directed Waiting for Vano, a self-produced documentary-essay dealing with the issue of war between Russia and Georgia; Kaleidoscope, a 90 minutes fiction, RWS; and Vladimir Vyssotski 205 days, a 72 minutes documentary, RTR Channel, 2005.




Beat Film Festival
FID Marseille
Lussas Doc – États Généraux du Film Documentaire
IN EDIT Barcelona Film Festival
Trieste Film Festival
DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival
Al Este de Lima Film Festival


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