A film by Enrico Maisto

Sixty italian citizens, randomly selected by a computer system, take their places in a courtroom of the italian Assize Court of Appeal. A happy chance for the candidates, infact the sixty citiziens will pass a whole day between the wall of the Courtroom, waiting to know if they will be chosen, regardless of their will, by the President of the Court to ascend to a role which many of them didn’t know existed: being a popular juror.
The movie is a look at what we like to call the hall of Justice and it tells the chronicle of that day which brings common citizen in touch for the first time with the administration of Justice: men and women put by the case on the same benches.


Year: 2017
Production Countries: Italy
Runtime: 57 min
Original Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Director: Enrico Maisto
Producer: Riccardo Annoni
ProductionStart S.r.l., Rai Cinema
Script: Enrico Maisto, Valentina Cicogna
CinematographyJacopo Loiodice
Editor: Veronica Scotti, Valentina Cicogna
Sound Design: Simone Paolo Olivero


Anna Conforti, Fabio Tucci
Susi Bassi, Pasquale Magnifico
Valentina Milanaccio, Chiara Mangoni
Emanuele Marfoni, Daniela Migliacci



Enrico Maisto was born in Milan in 1988. He graduated in Aesthetical Philosophy at the University of Milan, in 2008 he took part as a trainee director in the shooting of the Marco Bellocchio movie Vincere (“To Win”). On this occasion he produced the movie’s backstage: this was his first approach to the documentary genre.
In 2014 his first feature documentary film, Comandante, was selected for the Milan Film Festival where it won the Premio Aprile. In 2015 he won the Premio Solinas for documentaries with the movie La Convocazione (The Call), written with Valentina Cicogna. Since 2016 he has been the coordinator of the movie section at the San Fedele Cultural Foundation in Milan.












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