A film by Biljana Tutorov


Dragoslava has four TV sets, three grandchildren, two best friends, and a husband with whom she fights over a remote control. She keeps her private archive of memories of all major events in recent political history of five countries in which she has lived, without ever moving from her apartment. She is a trained poll monitor, passionate about her right to be in the minority, but more and more desperate as another early elections approach.

WORLD PREMIERE Sarajevo Film Festival 2017
SECTION Competition Program – Documentary Film

Year: 2017
Production Countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia
Runtime: 72'
Original Language: Serbian
Subtitles: English

Director: Biljana Tutorov
Script: Biljana Tutorov
Cinematography: Orfea Skutelis
Sound: Dejan Kragulj, Lazar Zivanac
Music: Darko Rundek & Bojan Z
Editor: Thomas Ernst
Producers: Biljana Tutorov (Wake Up Films), Dijana Mladenović (Kinematograf)



Biljana Tutorov
After graduating in Archaeology and Art History at the Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium, studied Film Anthropology at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) and Drama at Ecole Internationale de Thêatre Jacque Lecoq in Paris. In 2006, she spent three months in documentary filmmaking residency at Maison du Doc in Lussas, France. Biljana is the author of several short, feature and documentary films, video installations and performances. In 2010 she founded an independent film production, Wake Up Films, with an idea to conceptualize and produce creative documentaries, animation and fiction films.














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