A film by Janez Burger

A story about awakening the true identity of a woman in a world tailormade for men. Mara gives birth to the illegitimate boy Ivan, whose father Rok is a businessman she loves obsessively. When Rok is accused of white-collar crime, his friends abandon him. Mara feels the consequences as well. She gets beaten up by Rok’s cronies and ends up in a safe house. Rok takes her and Ivan away, and she is convinced her dreams have come true. However, Rok uses them only to get to the money he keeps in a safe. On the run from the men chasing them, he forces Mara to take the worst sacrifice imaginable – leave her baby.

Year: In Post Production / Expected delivery 2017
Production Countries: Slovenia | Croatia
Runtime: 95'
Original Language: Slovenian, Italian
Subtitles: English                                                                                                                   

Director: Janez Burger
Cinematography: Marko Brdar
Script: Janez Burger, Srdjan Koljević, Melina Pota Koljević, Aleš Čar
Editor: Miloš Kalusek
Sound:Julij Zornik
Producers: Miha Černec

Maruša Majer
Matjaž Tribušon 
Nataša Barbara Gračner  
Polona Juh 
Branko Brane Šturbej 
Leon Lučev 
Mojca Funkl 
Mateja Pucko


Janez Burger, director and screenwriter, graduated in Film and TV directing from the FAMU (CZ). He opened his own theatre group Burgerteater in 1997. Burgerteater produced theater shows as well as more than 100 theatre improvisations. In 1997 he shot his first full-length feature film “IDLE RUNNING”, which received 20 awards and was screened in more than 60 festivals. Together with director Jan Cvitkovic he founded a production company, STARAGARA, in 2003, and he produced Jan Cvitkovic’s award-winning film “GRAVEHOPPING”. Janez Burger’s film “CIRCUS FANTASTICUS” (production STARAGARA) was critically acclaimed and internationally screened in various festivals. He lives and works in Ljubljana.
























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